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SQUARE-check – simple measuring of squareness in high precision

SQUARE-check is a new, completely autonomic squareness measurement device with a high-precision sliding guide. It reaches accuracies which up until now could only be realized with considerably more expensive devices. SQUARE-check is the result of a long lasting development during which special attention was paid to ease of use and ergonomics.

The solid base guarantees an excellent stability. The high-precision column features a hard, glassy bearing surface which enables the slide to glide smoothly.

The measuring slide has a special slide bearing on the front as well as roller bearings on the side. The surface pressure and therefore the gliding property can be adjusted very easily according to individual requirements.

Advantages of SQUARE-check

• Suitable for workshops
• Very easy handling
• Neither air-connection nor electrical connection needed
• Fast and efficient measuring
• High accuracy
• Easy to transport

Application area of SQUARE-check

The application area of SQUARE-check mainly lies in the workshop and in the quality control. Due to its low weight, the device can be transported very easily and can therefore be used everywhere.

Technical data  
Type 300 500
Traverse path 300 mm 500 mm
Dimensions appr. (w/l/h) 135/145/400 mm 135/145/600 mm
Weight appr. 7 kg 10 kg
Accuracy (excl. measuring sensor)  
Squareness 1.5 µm 2.0 µm
Straightness 1.5 µm 2.0 µm
Repeat accuracy 0.5 µm 0.5 µm
Subject to change  

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