Mask Measuring Machine MM

The device has two plane mirror interferometer, with which the current position is measured precisely by a laser measurement system. The laser beam is positioned at the height of the specimen in the extended measurement line. So the relative movement between the microscope and the sample with nanometer resolution can be captured.

The plane mirror with its kinematic edition forms the actual core of the device. A compensation file, which represents the geometry of the plane mirror, is stored in the software. Using this method, the highest accuracies are realized.

Our customers have very different requirements. Therefore, our mask measuring machines are adapted to the needs of our customers. Kunz precision AG will assist you with a lot of experience and expertise in planning, in the execution as well as with a top after-sales service support.


Dimensions / information:

  • Travel: X 400 / Y 300 mm
  • Measuring system: laser interferometer
  • CCD camera
  • Material plane mirror: Zerodur


Technical Data

Type Dimensions (L×W×H) Travel X/Y Measuring length X/Y Weight Required compressed air Air consumption Electrical connection Connection to PC Measuring system Software Ambient temperature Positioning accuracy according to ISO Resolution Straightness (axis X) Straightness (axis Y) Squareness X to Y Flatness guide surface Roll, pitch, yaw

The accuracy values apply to 20 °C and stable temperature conditions (ΔT ≤ 0.2K / 24h).

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