Customized Systems: Worldwide convincing measuring devices

Your exceptional measurement task is our challenge. Kunz precision AG is known for innovative, customer-specific measuring devices.

Measuring instruments for testing the thread pitch of ball screw spindles with a length up to 8 meters, or mask measuring machines with nanometre resolution – our Kunz special measuring devices are used worldwide in the machinery industry and in measurement institutions.

  • Spindle Measuring Devices
  • Profile Measuring Systems
  • Mask Measuring Machines
  • Shaft and Roundness Measuring Devices
  • Linear Units
  • Innovations

Overview Mask Measuring Machines

Mask measuring machines are mainly used in the optical manufacturing and in calibration laboratories. They are there to measure the accuracy of random partitions of glass scales and two-dimensional photo masks. Kunz precision AG realizes mask measuring machines with the specially developed vacuum air bearing.

Overview Linear Units

Kunz precision AG manufactures innovative, customized linear units for your machine. Our products stand for a new generation of linear units, specially designed for the use in high-precision handling systems, measuring devices, measuring machines or precision machining. All units are available with a measuring system ready to use, limit switches and drives in various designs. Here you will find a selection of linear units that Kunz precision AG had realized for customers.