Unmatched solutions

A specialty of Kunz precision AG is the development and manufacture of high-precision measuring instruments and special measuring systems. From the simple measuring device to a complex system, the company is developing – based on over 40 years of expertise in measurement technology – innovative and customized solutions for the engineering industry and for calibration laboratories worldwide. The product range also includes innovative, ultra-precise measuring equipment.


You have an exceptional measurement task that is not covered by our standard products? Please contact us, because: Customized special measuring devices with highest accuracies in the nanometre range are our specialty – and our passion.

  • Straightness
  • Squareness
  • Length
  • Height Gauges
  • Angle
  • Flatness
  • Machine Tool Geometry
  • Measuring Equipment of Aluminium
  • Measuring Equipment of Hard Stone
  • Measuring Software
  • Accessories

Overview Squareness

Quick and efficient measuring in highest precisions: The squareness measuring devices of Kunz precision AG convince by their user-friendly operation, geared for everyday use in your measurement and calibration laboratory.

Overview Height Gauges

Overview Angle

With the proven Kunz precision AG rotary tables angular pitches can be realized in the highest accuracy range. Be it as a standalone device or in combination with the high-quality straightness measuring systems STRAIGHT-line and STRAIGHT-set – the Kunz rotary tables are extremely sophisticated angle measuring devices, realized in unprecedented accuracy.

Overview Flatness

Within the range flatness Kunz precision AG offers various solutions: from the manually operated, simple to use measuring program TOPO-soft to the automatically used X-Y traversing units for measuring flatness and also equipment, which measures the quasi-flatness of components in the production.

Overview Machine Tool Geometry

Kunz precision AG has many years of experience in the field of machine tool geometry. With the measuring system RAIL-check we bring our know-how directly to you: Nevertheless if machine manufacturer or service centre– using RAIL-check offers you the possibility to have accurate data of straightness, deviations or tilt errors of machine tools or linear axes in shortest time.

Overview Measuring Equipment of Aluminium

Precision measuring equipment for machine acceptances made of aluminium: What appears quite unusual at first glance, turns out as a true pearl. The high expansion factor is compensated with the great advantage of the rapid and uniform temperature compensation. Measuring equipment from aluminium stays 100 percent dimensionally stable. Ultra precise measurements even in adverse circumstances are the result. Our customers are delighted by the AL series.

With a special surface treatment our specialists get very hard, non-porous surfaces – microfine and mirror smooth lapped in highest accuracies. For this precision work our specially developed measurement systems and software solutions are beneficially helpful. In addition to the standard measuring equipment, we also produce special solutions with attractive prices.


  • Rapid temperature adjustment
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Highest accuracies possible
  • Regardless humidity
  • Non-corrosive, no maintenance required
  • Free in shaping
  • Non-porous and mirror smooth surfaces

Overview Measuring Equipment of Hard Stone

Measuring equipment from hard stone builds a proven standard in metrology. We manufacture various measuring equipment from hard stone in the highest quality. For this we use exquisite hard stone , which we manufacture in the highest precision under strict quality requirements.

Our measuring equipment made of hard stone differs from others by the higher precision, smoother surfaces and thoughtful remarks. Of course all measuring equipment is delivered with calibration certificate SCS (ISO/IEC 17025). For the calibration of the measuring equipment we are able to work with special measuring instruments. It is no coincidence that we are the calibration station with the smallest measurement uncertainties for these measurements in whole Europe.


Universally applicable
Wear proof
Mass true
Distortion free

Overview Measuring Software

Based on years of experience in metrology Kunz precision AG continually developed its own selection of software. The innovative programs range from simple evaluation programs to complex systems for dynamic, high-precision measurements. Our policy for each program: The most simple, efficient and convenient handling.

Overview Accessories

In addition to the product range Kunz precision AG offers a wide range of accessories: from a user-friendly probe tripod over to probe holders to practical positioning aid. The various accessories complete the high-precision measurement systems from Kunz precision AG optimally.