FINE-step is mounted on the right hand side of the STRAIGHT-line measuring saddle.* This small adjusting saddle also has a vacuum air bearing system. Since its air supply is taken from the STRAIGHT-line measuring saddle, no additional air hoses are required.


During operation, these two saddles glide without friction on their guideways. After fine adjustment, simply operate the valve toggle-switch to fix in the correct position. Longitudinal positioning of the STRAIGHT-line saddle is by micrometre screw.


* Hinweis: The used STRAIGHT-line has to get slightly modified for this application.



  • The FINE-step fine adjustment saddle turns the STRAIGHT-line measuring saddle into a universal length measuring system. Length is measured either by laser-interferometer or by an incremental measuring system
  • Simple operation and high repeatability precision. No lateral forces distort measuring results. And since the micrometre screw is not situated on the measuring saddle, manipulation does not cause any displacement errors during positioning


Application examples:

  • Length measurement: microscopic calibration of scales; sensor calibration; calibration of gauge blocks/step gauges together with the special-purpose STEP-gauge
  • Straightness measurement: Measuring extremely short distances, e.g. for locating the highest point on a shaft


Technical Data

Type Adjusting range Micrometre scale Repeatability Reduction of the adjusting range Weight Suitable for STRAIGHT-line