This manual 1D height gauge with its refined panel and its easily-accessible software is typically used in workshops. It focuses on the main functions necessary for quick measurements and immediate access to the results. Its optical reading system offers users greater accuracy than its magnetic system counterpart (TESA-HITE MAGNA) without having to compromise on its long-term reliability.



  • Protected against the penetration of liquids or dust (IP65)
  • Big colour screen for better reading in dimly lit surroundings
  • Black display background for excellent contrast
  • Large numbers displayed on the screen (21 mm) for optimal readability
  • Keyboard with few buttons for easy learning without confusion



  • Long battery life (60h) to avoid too frequent recharging



  • Philosophy of use similar to tablets or smartphones
  • Quick access to the first measurement from start up (<4s) for a significant time saving
  • QUICKCENTER DYNAMIC technology integrated to efficiently determine the culmination points
  • Context-based help to avoid incorrect use and bad results
  • The interface can be customized according to the user's wishes


SCS Calibration Certificate

  • Free SCS certificate provided to avoid additional costs for re-calibration at the initial purchase

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Technical Data

Type Functions Travel Area of application Uncertainty of measurement Repeatability Resolution Probing force Squareness absolutely Weight Degree of protection Screen Digit size Data output Power supply Battery life Included in delivery Particular characteristic