Angle-Testplate AL E1 / E3 / E5

Flat angle-testplates are particularly suitable for the testing of horizontally arranged axes as it is the manner within flatbed machines of any kind. The length to width ratio in relation to the net weight is tremendously beneficial.

The centrally arranged measuring surfaces have the great advantage that they are very well protected. The angle-testplate keeps its high accuracy over several years. It is therefore not surprising that our angle-testplates also become more and more popular in the process of normal machine acceptance.

The angle-testplate can be provided with two internal surfaces (diagonal type), but additionally also with four precisely machined exterior surfaces. For the measurement we recommend the lever probe GT 31.



  • Highest accuracy
  • Reduced weight version made of aluminium with cut-outs
  • As support act three hardened feet
  • Four exterior surfaces and two inner surfaces finely lapped as measuring surfaces
  • Incl. calibration certificate SCS (ISO/IEC 17025)
  • Aversion in diagonal form with an even lower weight


Technical Data

Type Dimension without feet (LxBxH) Measuring length Squareness Weight
other variations

Dimensions (L×W×H) without feet.

For other dimensions and accuracies please contact us: Contact.

Advice: With our Software GEO-plus, straightness and squareness measurements can be executed dynamically, and there the dead range in the middle does not calculate.




GEO-plus is an easy to handle, efficient measuring and evaluation program for dynamic measurements of machine tools. Dependent on the requirements the measurement values can be read in in proportion to the time or distance.