Positioning Accuracy


The acceptance tests carried out according to well-defined guidelines and internationally recognized standards (e.g. ISO 230) Continuous training of our technicians and active participation in standards committees’ already high expertise are constantly expanding.

A well-considered, strategic approach with the laser measurements saves a lot of time. It is important that after a very short time as much data as possible is available. A professional approach in the use of machine and meter is a must for us. It's worth it to carry out the optimization of positioning accuracy during initial commissioning and then at regular intervals. In this way, the customer always has a machine in high accuracy, and if problems arise, these are detected early.

Advantages of execution by Kunz precision AG:

  • Potential of the machine is fully utilized after optimization
  • Prevention of possible production rejects
  • Detection of machine problems at an early stage
  • The interests, requirements and needs of the customer are paramount
  • Customers are always kept up to date with the latest information
  • Ongoing exchange creates transparency and guarantees the desired service provision
  • 40 years of experience and equipment in highest precision
  • Longtime, highly experienced measuring and service technicians