The measuring station TESA µ-HITE is far more than a height gauge. This compact, robust, yet highly accurate instrument is designed for measurement operations in the workshop, close to machining centres, as well as more controlled and secure inspection sites such as laboratories.

With its application range of 100 mm this "all-in-one" measuring station is particularly suitable for controlling small parts close to the production. It can even replace the use of conventional 1D probes which have a very limited measuring range and are often dedicated to a single application.

Its use in conjunction with the TESA MICRO-HITE height gauge control panel makes this system a significant advantage when it comes to productivity. Indeed, its' learning' mode coupled with its execution speed can positively impact the output of a production line.

TESA μ-HITE therefore presents itself as a simple access solution but no less effective, flexibility is guaranteed when using a product adapted to a wide range of applications and user profiles.



  • Hybrid with colour touch screen and keyboard
  • Refined keyboard for easy handling without confusion



  • Advanced functions (angle, parallelism, 2D, ...) for a multi-task instrument, accessible to all users
  • Context-based online help to avoid incorrect use and bad results
  • Clear interface to decrease possible errors due to bad interpretation of the displayed results
  • Flexible since the instrument can be used as 1D probe as well as height gauge



  • Turnkey solution easy to set up and quickly operational
  • Its small footprint makes it an instrument that can be integrated and moved in any kind of workshop close to production machines


Data Management

  • Sending values to computer via TLC port
  • Automatic creation of pdf reports or txt file on USB stick
  • Data printing via USB printer


SCS Calibration Certificate

  • Free SCS Certificate supplied with purchase to avoid any additional extra costs for calibration of the instrument directly after purchase

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Technical Data

Type Area of application Uncertainty of measurement Repeatability Resolution Probing force Weight Screen Keyboard