Test Square AL B3

Aluminium is best suited for the test squares of type A and B due to its fine structure of the material itself and the even spreading of temperature. By the implementation of a special surface treatment extreme hard surfaces, with depths of layers of less than 0.1 mm can be achieved.



  • 4 measuring surfaces in μm - accuracy
  • Calibration SCS ISO/IEC 17025
  • The test square is bigger than the nominal dimension, so that the nominal dimension can be measured at its full size
  • Geometrically correct lateral surfaces, the test square can also be utilised lying, for example for measuring the angle positioning error


Note: For straightness measurements in a small measuring range (appr. 50 to 300 mm ) , we present you a wide range of miniature measuring equipment.


Technical Data

Type Dimension without feet (LxBxH) Measuring length Squareness Weight
other variations

Measuring surfaces finely lapped, incl. calibration certificate SCS (ISO/ IEC 17025).

For other dimensions and accuracies please contact us: Contact.




GEO-plus is an easy to handle, efficient measuring and evaluation program for dynamic measurements of machine tools. Dependent on the requirements the measurement values can be read in in proportion to the time or distance.