Test Column D3

The rectangular version can be manufactured in significantly higher accuracy than a cylindrical test column. The Kunz test columns are provided with a weight relief bore and have a well-defined footprint. On versions measuring 500 mm and above, eyebolts can be fitted for safe lifting with cranes.



  • Highest accuracy
  • Accuracy possible to DIN 876/0000
  • Weight reduced version with internal bore
  • Rectangular design ensures maximum efficiency
  • Optional two or four outer surfaces finely lapped as measuring surfaces
  • Threaded inserts with eyebolts for secure lifting (500 mm and above)
  • Stainless and handy
  • Incl. calibration certificate SCS (ISO/IEC 17025)





GEO-plus is an easy to handle, efficient measuring and evaluation program for dynamic measurements of machine tools. Dependent on the requirements the measurement values can be read in in proportion to the time or distance.