System Analyses


Kunz precision AG offers the following services in the field of capability analysis:

Measuring equipment capability (MSA-1, MSA-2): The assessing of the ability of machines and processes bases on the statistical evaluation of measured values of completed work pieces. These readings are obtained by measuring systems. Using a measurement system analysis (MSA-1, MSA-2), we identify for you if your measuring equipment is suitable for the required task./p>

Machine capability (cmk): Basis for a capable process is a capable machine. With a short-term study, we examine whether your machine can deliver the required quality, be it for example when buying a new machine, before commissioning at the customer or continuously at regular intervals to ensure the quality.

Process capability (cpk): A capable process reliably provides good products. By examining the process capability systematic influences can be identified and reduced. This reduces testing and error costs. Our Q-support helps you with that.