Test Straight-Edge


Test straight-edges to length 3000 mm we calibrate with the specially developed measuring system STRAIGHT-line, which is already used in more than 50 measurement laboratories worldwide.

Our STRAIGHT-line method allows straightness measurements in accuracy, which are world leaders and can be achieved neither with coordinate measuring instruments, spirit levels and laser measuring systems. Thus we are able to realize straightness of e.g. 0.1 microns per meter. Expressed in accordance with DIN 876, this corresponds to an accuracy class of 876/0000000 (7 times zero).

Especially with test straight-edges it is extremely important nowadays to have the highest possible accuracy. After all, with them you calibrate your machinery and equipment. Practice shows more and more that when measuring straightness, for example linear guideways, particular attention must be given to the accuracy of the test standard used.

More precise measuring equipment offers added security for your measurement tasks. Take advantage of these opportunities to your own advantage.

Our best measurement uncertainty for straightness (STRAIGHT-line method): ± 0.15 µm + (0.15 × 10-6 L) + (0.02 x A)