Rotary Table RT-300

The vacuum air bearing technology is excellently suitable when it comes to the realisation of low-noise rotation movements, and additionally to keep the height of the construction low, which has a positive effect with these rotary axes.

Good to know: With the rotary table RT-300 the repeatability is less than 0.02“, or even less over a total area of 360° can be achieved. If you imagine a theoretical radius of 100 km this means only 9.6 mm.

In combination with the high quality straightness-measuring systems STRAIGHT-line or STRAIGHT-set, extreme demanding angle-testing-workstations can be achieved with accuracies not yet obtained. These high precision rotary tables are primarily applied in the precision manufacturing, calibration laboratories and national metrology institutes.


Technical Data

Type Dimensions (L×W×H) Weight Faceplate diameter Maximal load vertical (centric) Required compressed air Air consumption Cable length to the controller Connection to PC Software Ambient temperature Travel Measurement range (with active compensation) Max. rotation speed Positioning accuracy according to ISO (standard) Positioning accuracy according to ISO (ultra) Resolution Repeatability Radial run-out* Axial run-out* Axial rigidity (centric) Radial rigidity Flatness faceplate

Radial and axial run-out: measured approximately 70 mm above the faceplate in the centre.

The accuracy values apply to 20 °C and stable temperature conditions (ΔT ≤ 0.2K / 24h).

Beside the standard device RT-300 we also realise customized rotary tables, mostly with the vacuum air-bearing technology. Please do not hesitate to contact us: Contact.