The basis of STRAIGHT-set forms a guideway in highest precision of fine-grained hard stone with a fixed or adjustable 3-point support at the Bessel points. On this guideway the vacuum air bearing measuring slide slides without contact on a highly stable air bearing pad. This system guarantees the highest precision and smoothness.

Optionally, STRAIGHT-set is available with motorization and encoder. The acquisition and evaluation of measured values are static or dynamic, and specially developed software solutions are available.


Application areas:

  • Measuring equipment for quality assurance under workshop up to laboratory conditions
  • Calibration and verification of test and measurement equipment
  • Align and control / recording of straightness and parallelism of linear guideways or linear axes
  • Measurement of straightness, parallelism and torsion on workpieces and assemblies
  • Alignment of workpieces on clamping devices and plate changers



  • High precise, wear-free air-bearing of the measuring slide
  • High air-bearing stability and rigidity
  • Unmatched repeatability
  • Resistance-free linear movement of the measuring slide
  • Minimum air-bearing noise
  • Versatile measurement capabilities with the optional accessories CARBON-stand
  • Measurement of widely spaced linear guideways easily possible
  • Recording of measurement points statically or dynamically
  • Incl. calibration SCS (ISO/IEC 17025)


The company Kunz precision AG is a leader in the revision and calibration of hard stone test plates and measuring equipment


Technical Data

Type Travel Length hard stone (L) Dimensions hard stone (W×H) Weight Required compressed air Air consumption Motorisation Length measuring system Straightness hor./vert. (standard) Straightness hor./vert. (ultra) Roll (standard) Roll (ultra) Repeatability standard/ultra
other variations

Accuracy specifications apply to 20 °C and temperature-stable conditions (ΔT ≤ 0.2K / 24h).

The values for straightness apply to a theoretical line. Straightness vertical: in the middle of the guideway surface / straightness horizontal: about 10 mm below the supporting surface.

STRAIGHT-set is available in several sizes. For special solutions or other sizes please contact us: Contact.



Air treatment unit SA 200

The air treatment unit SA 200 is used for cleaning and the regulation of the compressed air as well as to generate the required vacuum. A measuring interface and, depending on the application, a pressure monitoring are installed directly in the device. SA 200 is used, amongst other applications, for SQUARE-control and STRAIGHT-set.



To make measuring with the measuring device STAIGHT-line even more easy and efficient, you can order the CARBON-stand as a practical option. The bracket is adjusted to the correct height on the vertical column with knurled screws, and then clamped in the correct position.


Measuring Probes

We have several probes in our range.


Control / Motorization

For STRAIGHT-line and STRAIGHT-set: With the manual operation set RECO the measuring slide can be travelled in different speed – wired or wireless.