The probe tripod CARBON-stand consists of a vertical column of aluminium. The bracket can be adjusted with a thread in height and clamped in the desired position. Practical especially when using tall tripods: Optional there is a quick adjustment available for moving quickly to the approximate height, without twisting all the way up and down. When fixing in position the connection is clamped over the whole surface, for a gentle but strong clamping. Fine thread applications counteract a possible play in a dissolved state.


Bracket: The bracket comprises a rectangular section carbon fibre tube. Carbon fibre is used because of its extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion (almost zero). This eliminates measuring errors due to any room temperature fluctuations. For special applications, lengths up to about 2000 mm are available. One or more sensors can be mounted on the bracket.


Probe attachments: For various measuring tasks a wide range of thoughtful probe attachments is available. When measuring with several probes they are always arranged in a line.


Application: CARBON-stand often comes together with our measuring systems STRAIGHT-line and STRAIGHT-set. Another very interesting application is found in the alignment of linear guideways: The tripod CARBON-stand is mounted on a roller skate for measuring straightness and parallelism. Again, the distance to the next guideway can measure 1 to 2 metres without any problems. Yet it will be measured with appr. accuracy of 1 µm.



  • High accuracy by centric arrangement and high stiffness
  • Widely spaced guideways can be measured
  • Carbon fibre is very light and very strong. And its extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion (approx. +/-1 µm/m/°K) is ideal for measurement applications
  • Several sensors can be used at the same time, which greatly facilitates parallelism measurements. All sensors are geometrically aligned, and always at the optimal angle
  • The fine adjustment feature enables exact positioning of sensors at the required height
  • The stand forms a solid base for various measuring configurations. A microscope can also be mounted, for example, and universally adjusted


Technical Data

Type Vertical adjustment range Distance mounting holes Dimensions (L×W×H) Bracket standard Quick adjustment Weight Suitable for STRAIGHT-line

Bracket lengths up to 2000 mm available on request, please ask us: Contact.