Measuring Equipment AL mini

The small dimensioned measuring equipment is used in the small component assembly, in the watch industry as well as in laboratories for verification of measuring instruments and linear units. As an example the measurement of a 5-axis CNC-machine: here the test cube is attached either in the spindle or in the workpiece holder, so that the geometry of the machine tool can be checked quickly.

Each of the measuring equipment has the possibility of a thoughtful attachment. On the one hand to proceed with the unit in the machine room in all directions, on the other hand, because the measuring unit is light and could be displaced by the probe pressure.

The measuring equipment AL mini are made of high quality aluminum with a special surface treatment. The advantage of aluminum is a enormous benefit here.


  • Rapid temperature adjustment
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Highest accuracies possible
  • Regardless humidity
  • Non-corrosive, no maintenance required
  • Free in shaping
  • Non-porous and mirror smooth surfaces


Technical Data

Type Dimensions (L×W×H) Straightness Measuring length Parallelism Squareness Weight
other variations

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GEO-plus is an easy to handle, efficient measuring and evaluation program for dynamic measurements of machine tools. Dependent on the requirements the measurement values can be read in in proportion to the time or distance.