The measurements with SQUARE-soft are done with high-precision inductive sensors*, dynamically or static. The measurement frequency is approximately 50 Hz. With the dynamic measurement, the measuring slide is not stopped during acquisition, which leads to much higher accuracies. The measuring slide proceeds thereby motorized, wherein the motion is controlled by the software SQUARE-soft.

The evaluation of squareness is carried out in accordance with ISO or linear gradient. Various useful features such as smoothing, copying- and editing-functions support the operator. The measurement results are displayed in clear diagrams. Optional version with integrated error compensation and reversal measurement is available. Thus, the already high accuracy of the device can be increased again.

* For accurate measurements, we recommend to only use the offered sensors.



  • Easy handling
  • Quick and precise measurements
  • Measurements with up to two sensors at the same time
  • Clear display on the screen
  • Conclusive and neat logging
  • Evaluation according to ISO
  • Optional with reversal measurement and error compensation