AIR-pad AL

AIR-pad AL consists of a base plate made of hard coated aluminium with four integrated air bearing sectors. On the upper side a hole pattern is integrated to fix items, depending on the application. Two handholds allow safe and fine positioning. The air can be finely switched with an ergonomically arranged rocker lever.

AIR-pad AL is connected to the in-house compressed air network (at least 5 bar). Depending on the air quality, a filter is additionally needed.

The resilience of AIR-pad AL is extremely high. The air gap can be adjusted optimally to the use with a throttle.



  • Free and frictionless displacement over the test plate
  • Adjustable brake system
  • Your plate is prevented from damage



  • Mounting holes if desired
  • 4 bearing sectors
  • Threaded nut milled on surface
  • 5 meter air hose
  • Measurement protocol

Technical Data

Type Dimensions (L×W×H) without handles Weight Required compressed air Master gauge for holes Flatness upper surface

Other dimensions on request. Please contact us: Contact.