SL-B solution

The high-precision length measuring device SL-B solution measures between a fixed location surface and the reciprocation axis on the slide. The axis is movable in the longitudinal direction. On the reciprocation axis there is the touch surface or probe, facing the testpiece. On the back, facing the laser, the retroreflector is situated. The touch element thus forms the extended laser measuring line in compliance with the Abbe principle.

The probing can be done either with flat surfaces or with balls. For the measurement, a laser measuring system is generally used. The system SL-Bsolution can also be designed as an extension of a straightness measuring station or vice versa. Due to the sophisticated vacuum air bearing system of STRAIGHT-line, also in this case highest possible precisions are reached. If available, your already existing laser-system may be used.



  • Vertically and laterally adjustable supports. They allow to support two gauge blocks at once. Comparison measurements can therefore be carried out easily
  • Optimal accessories for the calibration of glass scales
  • For length measurements generally the fine adjustment saddle is used
  • Friction wheel



  • High-precision length measurements up to several metres length
  • Simple and easy
  • Use of one’s own laser-system is possible


For the conceptual design of such an inspection station professional advice is recommended. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you: Contact.