Flange measuring device FM

Flange measuring devices of the series FM are the optimal systems for the measurement of workpieces and assemblies in the medical and optical industry. The devices are used in state-of-the-art laboratories as well as under controlled workshop conditions.


The flange measuring device consists of a stable, vibration damped underframe, of a precise base plate and of a crossways arranged guidance made of finely-grained black hard stone. The base plate of the ground plate as well as the guiding surfaces are finely lapped in highest precision. On the ground plate floats the also vacuum air guided mounting plate. It serves as support for the specimens and it helps to ergonomically and gently place and move the specimen into its measuring position.


Over the base plate - parallel to the support - a yoke is positioned as high-precision guidance. Two vacuum air-guided measuring slides perform the measurement movement an guarantee smallest measurement uncertainties due to their unmatched air bearing stability. Both measuring slides are equipped with a measuring probe mounting made of carbon which can be simply and precisely adjusted in height. Temperature influences on the measuring setup are reduced to an absolute minimum thanks to the optimal characteristics of the carbon. By means of an ergonomical handwheel, the measuring slides proceed interlinked. Influences due to different handling are eliminated and the process safety is guaranteed. With the described measurement setup, by means of a difference measurement with two high-precision, inductive measuring probes with a low measuring pressure (0.16 N) and the respective display unit, the straightness and the alignment of flange surfaces are measured in highest precision.


The operation of the flange measuring devices is intuitive, simple and can be done without any special previous knowledge. The high precision measuring device in finest quality guarantees process reliable and efficient measurements in laboratories as well as under controlled workshop conditions.


Flange measuring devices FM are available in different sizes. For customized solutions in various dimensions we are your specialist.


System avantages:

  • Efficient measurement of components in different sizes
  • High-precision, wear-free vacuum-air bearing of the measuring slides
  • Highest air bearing stability and rigidity
  • Unmatched repeatability
  • Resistance-free movement of the measuring slides
  • Minimum air bearing noise
  • Incl. calibration SCS (ISO/IEC 17025)


Technical Data

Type Dimensions (L×W×H) Weight Air consumption Required compressed air Diameter specimen min. Diameter specimen max. Measuring height min. Measuring height max. Straightness vertical measuring direction Alignment of the two slides Parallelism slide to base plate Repeatability slide in measurement direction Repeatability measuring probe Flatness of base plate

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