Long Trace Profiler LTP-1400

The LTP-1400 was specially developed to measure high-precision mirror faces, such as those used in neutron accelerators. It impresses on one hand with extremely high accuracy and on the other hand with extreme flexibility.


  • Measuring carriages decoupled from the drive and cable chain ensures maximum accuracy
  • Measuring carriages with the proven Kunz vacuum air bearing
  • Highest synchronization accuracy due to drive with linear motors
  • Freely displaceable Y-axis with air bearing and vacuum clamping
  • Table top with highest flatness accuracy


The Y-axis can be positioned on the plate in any position and in any angle. This gives the possibility to measure additionally in square-direction.

The device is usually supplied with a motor controller and a controller software with which it can be programmed.

Dimensions and specifications are based on the requirements of the customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the application, the device is usually used in conjunction with an autocollimator or laser measuring system.


Technical Data

Type Travel Straightness (Y- and Z-direction) Tilt error (pitch, yaw, roll) Air bearing stability measuring slide Flatness of the table top

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