Concentricity Gauge SPC

The concentricity gauge developed by Kunz precision AG satisfies the highest standards in testing series of steering shafts in the automobile industry. It is appropriate to check concentricity in axial- and radial and also obliquely arranged measuring direction. The sneaky design with the possibility of very quick adaption characterizes this instrument.



  • Solid base made of hard stone
  • Stable measurement over the whole day
  • Wear-free, movable measuring slide
  • Special K-slot developed by Kunz precision AG, which allows smooth-running displacement and accurate positioning with a slight twisting motion
  • Rapid changeover to other dimensions
  • High-precision measurement
  • Suitable for workshop
  • Delivery with SCS calibration certificate


The system can be delivered with or without evaluation unit and software.


Technical Data

Type Dimensions (L×W×H) Workpiece Ø Workpiece length Weight Measurement reading Straightness guideway (hor. + vertical) Locating surface rectangular to the guideway Parallelism test pin to the guideway

The accuracy values apply to 20 °C and stable temperature conditions (ΔT ≤ 0.2K / 24h).

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