Nut Lead Measurement Device MMG

This simple to operate device consists of two high precision air bearings which both are equipped with high-resolution linear-scales. The measuring values can be displayed in the digital display, and optionally also can be evaluated in the software P-soft.

For the support the nut will be fixed in a high precision prismatic adaption. Nuts with flanges can be adapted on the precise front face with special brackets. Thanks to the stable and homogenous design very low measurement uncertainties within sub-micrometre can be achieved.


Measurement procedure:

  • Changing the appropriate measurement probe
  • Setting the height of the measuring head
  • Fixing the nut in the prism
  • Moving with the probe into the nuts first circuit and lower the probe
  • Set zero at the display unit or/and input the value into the software by triggering
  • Lift the probe with the pneumatic valve and probing the next circuit
  • Evaluating



  • Friction free air bearing
  • Stable and free from wear-out
  • Light weight, very low sliding resistance
  • Highest precision and repetition
  • Simple handling
  • Protected against dirt


Technical Data

Type Dimensions (L×W×H) Inner Ø of the nut Max. length of the nut Travel Weight Required compressed air Air consumption Electrical connection Ambient temperature Measurement reading System accuracy Straightness horizontal (at probe head) Resolution display unit

The system accuracy applies to a nut lead angle of max. 10°.

The accuracy values apply to 20 °C and stable temperature conditions (ΔT ≤ 0.2K / 24h).

Technical data are subject to change.The data presented are from already implemented test devices. For customized solutions in various dimensions we are your specialist. Please contact us: Contact.