Spindle Test Machine STM


The basis of the spindle testing machine is a high-precision hard stone. This acts as a support for prisms, in which the spindle is held. In addition, the guidance for the vacuum air-bearing traverse slide is integrated in the surface.

The immersion axis mounted on the traverse slide moves with a probe into the thread of the threaded spindle. The measuring slide with the special vacuum air bearing traces the contour exactly. Just above the spindle, a laser interferometer is mounted, which detects the longitudinal position with very high accuracy.

The control of the automatic measuring process and the evaluation are carried out with the special, newly developed measuring software. The measuring process is dynamic - this means that per revolution several hundred measured values can be reocrded and calculated. The spindle testing machine of Kunz precision AG allows to measure threaded spindles of different dimensions very efficiently and with highest accuracy.

Technical Data

Type Dimensions (L×W×H) Workpiece Ø (in prisms) Workpiece Ø (with centring device) Measuring length (Z) Travel (Z) Weight Required compressed air Air consumption Accuracy spindle bearing (axis C) Electrical connection Software Ambient temperature Measurement reading System accuracy Resolution (axis C) Straightness vertical (axis Z) Straightness (vertical axis X) Air bearing stability measuring slide

The system accuracy applies to a spindle lead angle of max. 10°.

The accuracy values apply to 20 °C and stable temperature conditions (ΔT ≤ 0.2K / 24h).

Technical data are subject to change. The data presented are from already implemented test devices. For customized solutions in various dimensions we are your specialist. Please contact us: Contact.