Surface Plates Service

Kunz precision AG calibrates hard stone test plates with high precision level measuring systems. However, not only our most modern measuring systems make our service incomparable, but also our great know-how and the joy and passion with which we carry out this work. If a refinishing of the surface plate is necessary, it can be carried out by our specialists immediately.

Base plates: With the specially developed TOPO measurement method we offer incomparable service for smaller surface plates like the base plates of measuring stands. The surface of the base plate is being lapped very fine and usually slightly convex to counteract the upcoming abrasion. The accuracy of the surface is usually higher after the refinishing than in new condition.

Surface plates with the Kunz-calibration label impress with:

  • Absolute accuracy
  • Finest surfaces
  • Large expertise of our specialists
  • Higher overall accuracies and more accurate part test area
  • Smallest amount of tapered edges