YOU-check 2D

Full-surface design of YOU-check for full-grid measurements in two dimensions. For the efficient and accurate calibration of machine tools and coordinate measuring machines. The test standard YOU-check 2D in full-grid design for measurements in two dimensions.


The test specimen consists of a 2D full-grid design in which ceramic measuring inserts are inserted at periodic intervals. These are arranged in such a way that the measurement is performed in the neutral fiber. This in turn ensures the highest accuracy.

YOU-check is placed on the machine table and aligned. This is followed by the probing and measuring of the measuring inserts using the machine touch probe. The deviation of the center points from the desired deviations determine the accuracy of the machine. Compared to known ball plates, YOU-check has the advantage that the touch is performed from the inside. This makes the measurement extremely fast.

Clever functionality
With YOU-check, the advantages of aluminum (lightweight, minimal deflection and even temperature distribution) can be used as an ideal basis, while at the same time it can be used with any expansion factor.

In the test standard, a rod with almost zero expansion is used. This rod does not (almost) expand with increasing temperature. On the other hand, the test standard is evenly extended. The difference, i.e, the difference in length, is used to recalculate the instantaneous length to the desired expansion factor (e.g., steel). The conversion is carried out automatically in the included software YOU-check, without the temperature being measured.

In the software YOU-check, the current calibrated deviations of the test device YOU-check as well as the conversion factor for compensation of the extent are stored. Simply enter the measured lengths and the deviations are displayed numerically and graphically in a clear way.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Sophisticated system
  • Ultra-light
  • High precision
  • Optional straightness and squareness measurements
  • Lowest deflection


The length-standard YOU-check is extremely robust and can be handled and transported without any problem and without special precautions.

There are various possibilities for mounting on the machine. All together is a 3-point support with kinematic support. Further possible: fixation with magnets embedded in the feet or mounted on pallet.

Delivery including Calibration, calibration certificate SCS (ISO/IEC 17025) and software program YOU-check.


Factsheet YOU-check 2D

Technical Data

Type Measuring length Distance / Interval along Distance / Interval transv. Inside-Ø measuring insert Dimensions (L×W×H) Weight

Other dimensions and hole-subdivisions on request. Subject to technical changes.